Hannah Ewing

Research & Publications

“Translation and Evolution: Byzantine Monastic Studies since ca. 1990.” Religion Compass 12.1-2 (Jan.-Feb. 2018): 10.1111/rec3.12259

 Occupying and Transcending a Provincial See: The Career of Euthymios Malakes.” Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 42.1 (Apr. 2018): 58-78. doi.org/10.1017/byz.2017.36

Review of Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen, John Moschos' Spiritual Meadow (Ashgate, 2014), Church History 85:4 (Dec. 2016): 825-827.

I have presented research at national, international, and regional conferences across North America. I currently have additional projects underway on Ioannes Tzetzes, community engagement teaching, female monastic leadership, and comparative models of monastic reform across East and West.

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