Hannah Ewing

Courses Taught

Teaching in the Field: Taking students through Ancient Olympia (photo credit K. Ross, 2017)

History Department & Classical Studies:
- HIS 113: Early Modern Europe, ca. 1450 to 1789
- HIS 120: Decade of Decision
- The Black Death (1340s)
- Caesar's Rome (50s BCE)
- World War I (1910s)
- HIS 125 (formerly 130): History of a City: 
- Ancient Athens, ca. 800 to 300 BCE
- Istanbul (Was Constantinople), ca. 300 to today
- HIS 230 (formerly 202): Researching European History
- HIS 214F: Panhellenic Greece (a 10-day field study in Greece)
- HIS 265M: All Greeks? Identity in Ancient Greece (intersession)
- HIS 295: World War I in Film (intersession)
- HIS 332: The Crusades
- HIS 335: The Dark Ages? Europe and the Middle East, ca. 300-800
- HIS 337: Law and Order in the Medieval World

+ Independent studies, including honors theses 
+ Ancient Greek (102, 201, 202, and 300-level readings)
General Education Programs:
- RCC 100: Rollins College Conference
- It's the End of the World as We Know It: From Revelation to Y2K
-  Ottoman History/Mysteries
- History of the French Revolution
- rFLA 100C: Barbarians at the Gates (in both Community Engagement and regular formats)
- MM 200C: Travel in the Premodern World
- CLP 102: Making Any Major Marketable

Teaching in the Field: Translating epigraphy in Albania during a faculty seminar (photo credit E. Kodzi, 2019)

Graduate Courses, Masters of Liberal Studies Program:
MLS 516: Masterworks: Constantinople/Istanbul

Course Descriptions available here.
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